A little bit about me...

I’m a Vancouver based designer and developer from England.
I’ve focused on creating exceptional websites for 5 years, helping clients around the world succeed online. More recently I’ve expanded my abilities into SEO, web performance and consulting clients on web related problems.

Want to know more?

I started designing web interfaces in 2006-07, which as much as I enjoyed, it didn’t mean much unless I could actually build them and have people experience them. Thus in 2007 I decided to learn how to create and develop websites, eventually taking it into a freelance career to support my time through college and university.

As of 2014 I’ve focused on refining my current skill set and developing the skills required to build fast, aesthetic, creative web apps that put a strong focus on the user experience. Currently I’m working on developing two web apps (one SEO related product, another an e-commerce solution) based on a MEAN stack.

Why MEAN? Well clearly from the start I needed the power and flexibility of a MVC framework on both the front and back end (Angular and Express). Running on a node (express) server, it’s very fast compared to a LAMP solution and allows me to keep data as JSON throughout the entire stack. I’m also testing a similar solution, which would be an Angular base running on a static host, connecting to Firebase as a backend. Lot’s of testing ahead for me!


Workflow & Skills

My current development workflow revolves around Grunt, Bower & SCSS to create a highly efficient, automated, non-destructive workflow with fast deployment via divshot-cli. You can see the gruntfile for this website on Github.

Design Skills
Front-End Development Skills

Lab // Things I'm currently testing & learning


I’m currently testing Gulp as a replacement to Grunt. My current grunt workflow is fantastic, however on larger projects it lacks the speed and async operations that gulp provides.


Many of my project ideas are in need of the power and flexability of a MVC framework. I chose to first learn Angular based on the quality of available documentation and community support.


Express is the web server component of the MEAN stack. Currently using it to setup routes to work in harmony with AngularJS.

MEAN Stack

Currently testing this stack on several projects. So far I’m loving it for it’s speed. MongoDB is the next part I’ll be testing, now that I’ve got Angular and Express running great together.

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Josh is a true professional and a lifesaver for me! I had a terrible Wordpress site built by a total amateur with problems galore. Josh is a genius who quickly came in fixed all the issues and restored my sites’ ranking on Google as well! I really appreciate Josh's super calm demeanor and integrity. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Ryan H, LDT

Josh has been an outstanding help. Being a SEO Firm we often outsource design and development work to him. He gets it done promptly and to a very high quality. Whenever I need a website made or consulting regarding websites I call Josh! Stephen G, SEO Firm

Josh is very talented in web design and development, he really understands what clients need, and most importantly executes to perfection. It has been a pleasure working with him on our latest project. Chetan H, Marketing

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